yoga in sacramento

Ashtanga Vinyasa and Classical Hatha Yoga practice for all levels.

Breath, flow, meditation, bliss.

If you're new to yoga we'd suggest starting
your Sacramento yoga explorations with one
of our Classical Hatha classes. These are fun
mixed-level classes offering a wide variety
of traditional poses along with breathwork and
meditation techniques.

Beginners are always welcome as we offer
modifications, preparatory work for harder poses
and lots of attention to alignment.  Intermediate
level students will be challenged by the broad
range of poses we do including backbends,
inversions and arm balances.

If you're looking for wilder vinyasa flow style
adventures, our energetic Ashtanga classes
focus on linking a flow of challenging poses to
the breath. Expect a serious workout but also lots
of fun. We'll encourage skipping a few things and
doing preparatory versions of others if you're
new to the practice.

We offer traditional Ashtanga classes --
both led 1st Series and 2nd Series.

All levels are welcome at the Ashtanga classes.
You don't need to have previous experience with
Ashtanga series work.

See the
schedule page for class times and
location details. More information on our yoga
class styles is available on our
descriptions page.

Please call if you have questions about
the classes or there are mysteries to discuss
about your options for yoga in Sacramento.

Or just show up!
The classes are offered on a drop-in basis.

classical hatha yoga &
ashtanga vinyasa yoga
in Sacramento

Bill Counter
(916) 441-4914
Yoga Sacramento California: Bill Counter is shown in Vatayanasana from Ashtanga second series.


for all levels.
What is the right practice for you?

If you're just starting to explore yoga in Sacramento, finding the right class
can be a fun adventure. Wander around, check out a few classes at
different studios.

Then come to explore these classes. What we do is perhaps the most fun
yoga Sacramento offers. Yoga needs to be experienced rather than just
read about. The practice develops strength, flexibility and mental focus. It
has a snap and crackle that will keep you coming back. It's fun!

Yoga comes from an ancient meditative tradition. It's been around for 5,000
years because it works. It isn't just a class -- we hope to make it your way of
life. Let's get started!

Yoga Sacramento and beyond -- additional information

Our links page offers resources for delving deeper into the various
branches of the tradition whether your interest is meditation, astanga
yoga, physical benefits of hatha practice or philosophy.

directory page includes listings of the main Sacramento yoga studios
and class resources in other cities. Our
bhoga page offers a list of
Sacramento meditation groups and vegetarian restaurants in Sacramento.


See you in class!

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Classical Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga , and Power Yoga in Sacramento. Bill's in Vasisthasana from the Ashtanga Third Series.
The Ashtanga Yoga finishing poses: Urdvha Padmasana
Yoga in Sacramento with Bill Counter: Classical Hatha, Ashtanga and Power Yoga for all levels.


Sacramento yoga options include Vinyasa, Power Yoga and traditional Ashtanga. Here Bill's assisting Sarah working on Marichyasana C from the Ashtanga First Series.
Yoga Sacramento: Bill Counter is shown with Denise Payne in Parivritta Parsvakonasana from the Ashtanga opening sequence.

Thanks for stopping in.

But I don't have any regular classes in
Sacramento at the moment.

The studio where I was teaching closed
and I haven't come up with a suitable new
location yet for my classes.

Still looking.