yoga in sacramento

Ashtanga Vinyasa and Classical Hatha Yoga practice for all levels.

Breath, flow, meditation, bliss.

I don't have any regularly scheduled classes
going at the moment. I'm still looking around
for a new home.

But I hope you'll join me for a 1st and
2nd Series Ashtanga adventure at Yoga
Shala in Midtown Sacramento in November.
See some more information at the right.

If you're relatively physically fit and new to
yoga I'd suggest joining us for the weekend to
start your Sacramento yoga explorations. They
will be mixed-level sessions for both beginners
and more experienced students offering lots
of modifications, alignment instructions and
chances to just skip a pose and observe.

There will still be many of challenges for
Intermediate and advanced level students.
How hard do you want to work? Previous vinyasa
yoga experience isn't required. And proficiency with
1st Series isn't needed to have a great time in the
2nd Series session. It's a totally different skill set
and not necessarily harder, just different.

Ashtanga is the original flow practice from India
-- all the various "brands" currently prevalent of
power yoga, vinyasa and flow practice use
Ashtanga as the sourcebook.

See the
schedule page for more workskhop
details andlocation information. More information
on different yoga class styles is available
on the
descriptions page.

Please call if you have questions about
the classes or there are mysteries to discuss
about your options for yoga in Sacramento.

ashtanga vinyasa yoga
in Sacramento

Bill Counter
(916) 441-4914
Yoga Sacramento California: Bill Counter is shown in Vatayanasana from Ashtanga second series.

Ashtanga Yoga

All levels
What is the right practice for you?

If you're just starting to explore yoga in Sacramento, finding the right class
can be a fun adventure. Wander around, check out a few teachers at
different studios.

Then come check out some yoga with me. What I do is perhaps the most
fun yoga Sacramento offers. And in case you haven't figured it out, I should
mention that yoga needs to be experienced rather than just read about.
The practice develops strength, flexibility and mental focus. It has a snap
and crackle that will keep you coming back. And it's fun! Or should be -- if
you've found the right teacher for yourself.

Yoga comes from an ancient meditative tradition. It's been around for 5,000
years because it works. It isn't just a class -- I hope to make it your way of
life. Let's get started!

Yoga Sacramento and beyond -- additional information

My links page offers resources for delving deeper into the various branches
of the tradition whether your interest is meditation, astanga yoga, physical
benefits of hatha practice or philosophy.

directory page includes listings of the main Sacramento yoga studios
and class resources in other cities. The
bhoga page offers a list of
Sacramento meditation groups and vegetarian restaurants in Sacramento.


See you in class!

-- Bill

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Classical Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga , and Power Yoga in Sacramento. Bill's in Vasisthasana from the Ashtanga Third Series.
The Ashtanga Yoga finishing poses: Urdvha Padmasana
Yoga in Sacramento with Bill Counter: Classical Hatha, Ashtanga and Power Yoga for all levels.


Sacramento yoga options include Vinyasa, Power Yoga and traditional Ashtanga. Here Bill's assisting Sarah working on Marichyasana C from the Ashtanga First Series.
Yoga Sacramento: Bill Counter is shown with Denise Payne in Parivritta Parsvakonasana from the Ashtanga opening sequence.

An Ashtanga weekend
at Yoga Shala

2030 H St., Sacramento

Saturday, November 14
Noon - 2:30 pm
Full 1st Series
details on Facebook

Sunday, November 15
Noon - 2:30 pm
Full 2nd Series
details on Facebook

Both sessions will feature a
bit of discussion, some pranayama
practice and a closing meditation.
Cost: $30 per session or $50 for both.

Call me at 916-441-